The Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame is located in the Western Development (History of Transportation) Museum in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It was officially opened on June 7, 1989, by the Honorable Grant Hodgins, Minister of Highways and Transportation.

The Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame was established by the Saskatoon and Regina Transportation Clubs to recognize and honour our transport pioneers. It’s purpose is to formally and publicly recognize persons, who in the course of their residence in Saskatchewan, or through their extensive involvement in the transportation industry in the Province, have made outstanding contributions which brought about positive developments of significant and lasting benefit to transportation and distribution in Saskatchewan.

Selection Committee

The selection committee is made up of members from STC, the Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, and Freight Management Association – Saskatchewan Division.

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The Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame Committee
acknowledges and thanks the following organizations and individuals,
whose assistance made this historical tribute possible.

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The Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame is funded through gifts and donations acknowledged by the issuance of a tax receipt.

The names of prospective candidates, including a brief biography, must be received by February 1st each year by mail or e-mailing:

Saskatoon Transportation Club

P.O. Box 1643

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 3R8

ATTN: Selection Committee, Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame


Arnold Cozart
Arnold Cozart2023
Arnold Cozart was born in 1936 in rural Saskatchewan. With tough times on the prairies and a large family to feed, Arnold made the decision to leave home at an early age of 16 to start earning his own way. Arnold moved around a bit and worked in various jobs before ending up in Winnipeg where he took his journeyman HD mechanics.
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Mel Beal
Mel Beal2023
Mel Beal was born in Saskatoon, SK in 1945 to Walter and Violet Beal. He grew up on the farm west of Saskatoon by Grandora with a short stint in Edmonton, AB when the family moved there for 3 years. They returned to the farm and Mel attended the Technical Institute in Saskatoon for high school.
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Gary L. Redhead
Gary L. Redhead2019
Gary is a visionary “Level 5” leader with a wealth of knowledge due to over 50 years in the industry. Highly respected by his peers, employees, customers and suppliers, Gary has built his company from its humble beginnings to its current position as a dominant player in Saskatchewan’s heavy equipment industry.
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Murad Al-Katib
Murad Al-Katib2018
Passionate in becoming an entrepreneur in agriculture and creating opportunities in rural Saskatchewan, this gentleman has been actively involved in the founding of Saskcan Pulse Trading now operating as AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. AGT Foods, through its subsidiaries Mobil Grain, Last Mountain Railway, Big Sky Railway and MobilEx, as well as its investments in CanEst Transit, offers competitive freight opportunities for producers.
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George Tupper Connor
George Tupper Connor2017
A Moose Jaw resident who was the first to introduce bus service to the City of Moose Jaw as feeders to the Moose Jaw Electric Railway. A humble start of three buses began the Moose Jaw Transportation Company. Moose Jaw was the first city in Canada with a diesel/gas bus fleet. The Moose Jaw Electric Railway started an amusement park in the river valley now known as Connor Park in honour of George.
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Gordon Klimek
Gordon Klimek2016
Gordon Klimek was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. After completing Grade 12, he worked as an auto parts wholesaler in Prince Albert. Following that he spent two years with the Prince Albert City Police. In 1967 Gordon joined Pendlebury Customs Brokers which was purchased by Percy H Davis Customs Brokers in 1969. When Bill Pendlebury retired Gordon became more involved in the brokerage business. In 1973, he completed his professional customs broker certifications. Gordon retired as Branch Manager at Percy H. Davis in June 2003 after 35 years service. In 2005 Gordon returned to Percy H Davis, as part time account executive and assistant branch manager. He retired again on June 15, 2015. Gordon was a member of the Saskatoon Optimist Club and the Saskatoon Transportation Club. He was a director of New Community Credit Union and a volunteer at several major sporting events. Gordon is happily married to Bonnie.
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Dave Doepker
Dave Doepker2015
With humble beginnings as a blacksmith in Anaheim, Saskatchewan native, Dave Doepker is a second generation family member involved in Doepker Industries. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan and spent twelve years in the Education system before moving into Sales and Management of an agricultural equipment business. Eventually, he took over the reins from his father in 1988, growing the Doepker team to more than 500 employees and creating a brand name that is well known in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Dave has been active in many organizations and strives towards continuous learning.
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Dave McIlmoyl
Dave McIlmoyl2014
A Saskatchewan native, Dave completed his secondary education at the University of Regina and then moved to La Ronge. He was involved with the Department of Northern Saskatchewan and eventually joined the Lac La Ronge Indian Band in 1980 as executive director. This led him to focus on finding potential job opportunities for community members. From his first venture into the trucking industry with a partnership with Brodsky Construction to the forming of the Kitsaki Management group, eventually a partnership developed with Trimac which is now known as Northern Resource Trucking (NRT). Dave is currently the General Manger and is proud to boast of NRT’s milestones.
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J. (John) Kimpinski
J. (John) Kimpinski2013
A Manitoba native, who was encouraged to learn how to type in business college, started his career in 1953 with CN Rail and found himself working at various positions in the engineering and freight sales departments. He achieved the completion of his CITT designation in 1969 and was awarded the Charles Edsforth Medal for the highest standing in Introductory and Transportation Economics. John continued his studies and completed his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree at the University of Manitoba. In 1980, John was appointed Executive Director of the Canadian Transport Commission, Western Division and re-located to Saskatoon. Since that time, John has been an active member of the Saskatoon Transportation Club and the Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame. The Saskatoon Transportation Club has named an annual scholarship as an on-going tribute to John’s many years of dedicated service to Saskatchewan transportation industry.
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K.J. (Kerny) Korchinski
K.J. (Kerny) Korchinski2012
Growing up in small town Saskatchewan there was little exposure to the transportation industry which intrigued Kerny Korchinski. Born in Ituna, Saskatchewan and raised in Strongfield, this inductee realized academia was not his forte and enrolled in a pre-employment mechanical course. He had several heavy duty mechanic positions which led to following his dream of buying his first truck. In 1981, Kerny was invited to take on a minor partnership with the Peterbilt dealership in Saskatoon. The dealership went into receivership and the partners decided to get creative. It has resulted in expanded business in Lloydminster, Regina, Estevan as well as a collision centre in Saskatoon.
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E.D. (Ed) Zsombor
E.D. (Ed) Zsombor2011
Born in Wakaw, Saskatchewan and raised on a farm near Ens, this inductee obtained a Civil Engineering Degree in 1967 and began his transportation carrier with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Throughout his career, Ed worked in various positions involving safe operating conditions of locomotives, railcars, tracks, bridges and other related railway infrastructure. In 1997, he began work with the Government of Saskatchewan and has been key to fostering shortline railway systems in the province and his expertise has been sought overseas. His focus on safety earned him the prestigious honour of a deputy ministers award in the public service.
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D. R. (Dave) Ridsdale
D. R. (Dave) Ridsdale2010
A Saskatchewan native, who, after learning the skills of a driver/mechanic in the Reconnaissance Army Corps, partnered with his older brother and in 1949 purchased a truck with an operating authority between Saskatoon and Manitou Beach. In 2009, the company celebrated it’s 60th anniversary in business serving over 200 Saskatchewan destinations, using 400 pieces of equipment and a network of 10 terminals including Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. Mr. Ridsdale’s family continues to be actively involved in the industry.
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Sterling Hornoi
Sterling Hornoi2009
Saskatchewan native, started out driving a truck for Hornoi Transport Ltd, a company operated by his father. Had the vision to pioneer, grow and develop the truck and trailer leasing business in Western Canada now commonly known as Hornoi Leasing Ltd and Sterling Truck & Trailer Sales. Mr. Hornoi is actively involved in many charitable organizations and credits his success to the support of his family.
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Clayton Dowling
Clayton Dowling2008
Clay was born in Toronto, Ontario and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba at an early age. Clay began his transportation career with a pool car forwarder company. This provided the foundation to invest in an emerging trend of third party logistics and freight brokerage with the creation of Ghost Transportation Services in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Clay is recognized for his initiative as well as his commitment to “putting back what he has drawn from” in the Province of Saskatchewan.
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Russel Marcoux
Russel Marcoux 2007
Russel is a Saskatchewan native who started with a gravel truck on the family farm to building the Yanke Group of Companies, a global transportation operation with terminals across Canada. Recognized for his dedication and service to his community, the province, and Canada , through volunteer service on boards and support for innumerable worthy causes.
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Dennis Goll
Dennis Goll2006
Pursued a flying career from the time he was a teenager; was the driving force in the creation of West Wind Aviation which has grown and diversified and today, with Dennis Goll as President and CEO, is recognized as western Canada’s largest full support aviation operation.
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E. (Erwen) Siemens
E. (Erwen) Siemens2005
Saskatchewan native, founded Kindersley Transport in 1962, now part of the Siemens Transportation Group, developed into a large, dependable and very successful North American highway carrier. Is the first inductee to follow his father, K.K. Siemens, inducted in 1992.
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D. G. (Dennis) Doehl
D. G. (Dennis) Doehl2004
Saskatchewan native, built a small trucking operation into Jay’s Group of Companies, one of the countries finest transportation enterprises, dedicated his career to making the industry more professional and more accountable to the public it serves.
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D. L. (Donna) Goertzen
D. L. (Donna) Goertzen2003
Saskatchewan native, held position of President, RSB Logistic Inc., acknowledged expert in the international commercial fuel community with respect to radioactive materials transport.
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J. W. (Joe) Kanuka, Q.C.
J. W. (Joe) Kanuka, Q.C.2002
Saskatchewan native, throughout his career practiced extensively in the area of transportation law, acting for hundreds of motor carriers and considered an expert in this field; founding member of the Canadian Transport Lawyers Association.
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A. T. (Art) Bergan
A. T. (Art) Bergan2001
Saskatchewan native, Assistant Dean of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan; holds civil engineering doctorate from University of California; founded International Road Dynamics Inc., an international leader in the field of intelligent transportation systems.
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A. R. (Ross) Walker
A. R. (Ross) Walker2000
Lifetime railroader, held senior positions with CN Rail, retiring as Senior Vice President, Western Canada.
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W. D. (Bill) Preston
W. D. (Bill) Preston1999
Saskatchewan native, lawyer and partner with Robertson Stromberg, for over thirty years supported Saskatchewan highway transport industry as an advocate, adviser and lobbyist.
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R. J. (Reg) Lewis
R. J. (Reg) Lewis1998
Saskatchewan native, lifetime career devoted to highway transport-ation with family-owned Lewis and Sons Transport, then as senior officer, including President and General Manager, Canadian Motorways.
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R.L. (Roger) McCallum
R.L. (Roger) McCallum1997
Saskatchewan native, lifetime career devoted to transportation/ distribution profession, held senior positions with Intercontinental Packers, several highway carriers, and Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation.
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J. W. (Jack) McCaig
J. W. (Jack) McCaig1996
Highway transport pioneer founded Regina Beach Transfer, McCaig Cartage Co., MACCAM Ltd., Dominion Auto Carriers and Trimac Transportation System.
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J. R. (Jack) Sutherland
J. R. (Jack) Sutherland1995
Saskatchewan native, served for many years as Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation; responsible for numerous innovations and improvements in all modes of transport-ation in the Province.
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R. D. (Dick) Mahara
R. D. (Dick) Mahara1994
Bus transportation pioneer, received award by employees to honour over fifty consecutive years in industry; held senior positions with Saskatchewan Transportation Co. and Greyhound Lines.
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F. R. (Floyd) Glass
F. R. (Floyd) Glass1993
Saskatchewan native, air transport pioneer, set up and was General Manager of Saskatchewan Government Airways; founded Athabaska Airways Ltd.
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K. K. Siemens
K. K. Siemens1992
Highway transport pioneer, founded Siemens Transport and Service Ltd., one of the founders of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, recognized for his outstanding contributions to the truck transportation industry.
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C. R. (Charlie) Pike
C. R. (Charlie) Pike1991
Saskatchewan native, lifetime railroader, held senior positions with Canadian Pacific in Saskatchewan and across the CP system, retiring as Vice-President, Prairie Region.
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B. W. (Basil) Hindmarsh
B. W. (Basil) Hindmarsh1990
Highway transport pioneer held senior positions with Highway Traffic Board and Saskatchewan Transportation Advisory Council, received “Pioneer Award” for participating in fifty consecutive Saskatchewan Trucking Association conventions.
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J. M. (Jim) McDonough
J. M. (Jim) McDonough1989
Saskatchewan native, held senior positions with the Federal Government including Executive Director, Grain Handling and Transportation Commission; Senior Commissioner, Western Canada, Canadian Transport Commission; Member, National Transportation Agency.
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H. F. (Mitch) Mitchinson
H. F. (Mitch) Mitchinson1989
Saskatchewan native, air transport pioneer, for many years provided vital transportation services particularly in northern regions of the Province, qualified for his pilot’s license for fifty years in a row, and founded Mitchinson Flying Service Ltd.
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C. L. (Cal) Udell
C. L. (Cal) Udell 1989
Saskatchewan native, highway transport pioneer, 1982 Canadian Transportation Man of the Year, President and General Manager, Continental Trucking Ltd.
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